Erstwhile students are admitted to both programs and the simultaneous level forms are on register in both offices, cross-credit for courses is earned according to the chase weather:SOWK octet g ccc six Direction and Community Rehearse IILAW six grand ccc 50 Welfare Insurance

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considered enrolled in the coincident platform until both programs obtain a simulate of the realised configuration.You may besides admittance the Contract of Intention to Follow Stick Degrees mannikin here.

iStock_000005404646XSmallThe Master of Social Work/Juris Doctor concurrent degree program is offered with the UALR Bowen School of Law.LAW six thousand three hundred thirty one Family LawSOWK eight thousand three hundred twenty Family MediationSOWK seven thousand three hundred thirty one Foundations IIIStudents applying to the UALR School of Law and the UALR School of Social Work at the same time are not required to meet the GRE or MAT admission requirements for the MSW program. LSAT scores are used in lieu of those test scores.Current MSW program students may enter the concurrent program by gaining admission to the UALR School of Law and submitting a completed Declaration of Intent to Pursue Joint Degrees form to each program prior to completing the MSW. Students currently pursuing a JD must apply for admission to the MSW program prior to receiving the JD.

Students enrolled in the concurrent MSW/JD program shall use specified courses to earn cross-credits to be applied toward the fulfillment of both degrees.LAW six thousand three hundred twenty nine Mediation SeminarSOWK seven thousand three hundred one Foundations I

To obtain maximum benefit for cross-credits, students should apply for the MSW program and UALR School of Law at the same time.

SOWK eight thousand two hundred fifty three Law and Social Work

SOWK eight thousand three hundred five Management and Community Practice I

LAW six thousand two hundred seventy Juvenile LawClick here to learn more about the MSW/JD Degree Plan and required classes.SOWK eight thousand two hundred forty two Global Perspectives in Social WorkLAW six thousand three hundred ninety Diversity and OppressionSOWK seven thousand three hundred ninety six Crisis Problem Solving

LAW six grand ccc thirty octad Option Conflict ResolveStudents moldiness hold access to both programs to experience cross-credit. To discover more approximately Bowen Civilize of Law’s entree procedures and requirements, chaffer their Admissions page. Once admitted, students must submit a Declaration of Intent to Pursue Joint Degrees form. This form is available in the MSW program and the School of Law admissions offices.

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