Wall wraps can be a great way to positively change the atmosphere of your business, office or home. A wall wrap can elevate an office’s ambiance for staff, the modernization of a store or restaurants’ interior can engage customers, an external wrap can promote your brand in a refreshing way, and an accent wall can change the interior design of your home. Here are a few examples of the most effective uses of wall wraps.

Logo Branding
With a wall wrap you can not only advertise your logo but the services and/or products you offer. All with unique, creative and engaging graphic design.

Accent Walls
Add dimension and depth to your home, from bedrooms to family space to the kitchen, with an Accent Wall. From a deep red to a sunny yellow, the color palette is yours to choose from!

Enlarge a high resolution photo or piece of art to capture a room.
A very cost effective way to replicate fine art on a larger scale. High resolution images are best!

Create an ambiance to fit your cuisine with an image or piece of art that embodies the theme of your restaurant.

Highlight your top products or brands with a life size wall wrap!

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